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When it came to selecting the builder team for Serenity, Greenfield Communities spent considerable time, thought, and effort to ensure that the team was aligned properly — that each builder “fit” into Greenfield’s vision for Serenity. Yes, quality construction was important. But Serenity needed more than that. We were looking for builders that share the same passion for the community as we do — builders that can help bring the Serenity vision to fruition. Greenfield has assembled a builder team of which we are extremely proud, a “Serenity Dream Team.” Allow us to introduce them to you.

Phase I in Serenity will be single-family homes ranging from the $300s-$700s+.*

*Prices subject to change as development progresses.

David Weekley Homes

Garmen Homes

Drees Homes

ICG Homes

Triple A Homes

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