Garmen Homes

We started Garman in 2007 with the idea that we could hire extraordinary people who want to connect with our buyers and elevate the homebuilding experience. It was ambitious then. It’s ambitious now. We wouldn’t have it any other way. The four Garman Differences aren’t taglines. The Differences are who we are and why we’re here.

The Four Garman Differences keep us focused on what matters most to you and to us. We build homes to inspire you to live a really good life. The life you’ve always imagined. Because people who live a good life tend to want to do good for others. And if we all wake up to do good for others, we can change the world. We already have. Anyone can build you a house, we want to build you a home that makes you feel like you change the world, too.

#1 – We Hire Rockstars; #2 – Guaranteed Closings; #3 – G-Team; #4 – Give it Back.

We’ve built hundreds of new Garman Homes. Even more homes if you count how many we’ve built working for other builders. The one constant amongst every new home experience and across all builders is a certain amount of unknown. Whether you purchase a home to be built just for you, neither comes with a crystal ball. Sometimes we discover things along the way that no one could anticipate, no matter how many homes you’ve built. Everything from a sudden change in the building code to a discontinued cabinet color. We find that expecting a bit of the unknown makes for an easier transition later when whatever you weren’t expecting shows up in full force. If we all bring our good attitudes, it will make the unknowns a whole lot more bearable.

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